Music Festivals You Should Not Miss

Music Festivals You Should Not Miss Music Festivals You Should Not Miss


Held in Chicago’s Grant Park every year, Lollapalooza continue gaining its popularity around the world. From thousand joiners, they are now millions. Due the increasing participations of people. Lollapalooza event coordinators are having a hard time find huge tent to cover the vast grounds. But they promised that they will think of something to improve the event’s location. Why you should not miss it? Because you can hardly keep up with the 8 stages where performers sing their biggest songs. The long side walk is filled with food stands and surprises every corner. How it nice to be young and strong just to explore all the beauty this event has to offer.

Outside Lands

If you are a certified foodie, then this event is for you. The location offers you good long walks while enjoying the perfect view. Outside lands is held in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco where country singers and bands are the kings and queens of music. Enjoy wide choices of dishes that you can only find here. Truly worth the trouble for visiting this desert farmland beast.

Electric Forest

Can you imagine forest full of colorful lights? Electric Forest lets your imagination become reality. It lets you bond with nature and technology at the same time, combine it with some electrifying music, Oh boy! Where would you rather be? Whenever we go here, we wear good pair of shoes because we learned an important lesson, you won’t help it but dance. Save your feet from being sore guys. Learn from our mistake.

Meadows in the Mountains

How about enjoying a perfect view of a mountain range? Yes, meadows in the mountains can bring you serenity and one full day of music feast. You will also enjoy the company of Yogis in case you are one of them.


If you are looking to get a perfect tan, then you should go here. Prepare your summer ready body and flaunt it in the beautiful festival of Benic├ássim. You’ll see lots of naked bodies. Whew, it’s getting hotter and hotter every year because more people visit Spain to join the festival. What we like about this festival is it lets you chill to the music while basking under the sun. You can also dance and nobody will care because here, you can be yourself.

Exit Festival

Exit Festival has an interesting historical background. Protesters and students founded this festival to fight for Serbia’s democracy. Ever since, it gained popularity around the world who are willing to ride planes just to participate. There are other activities you could do here like zip line, sports, and chill. We would say that their facility is one of the best.