Music Organizations

Music Organizations Music Organizations


Nafme is non profit organization that advocates to the learning of music education for all students. The organization is composed of students, professional musicians, educators, and other individuals from different fields.


ASCAP Org protects performing rights. They help artists make a living by participating to campaigns that promotes legal purchases of albums instead of simply downloading them online illegally.

Creative Commons (CC)

They give license publication of albums and songs to prevent copyright issues. Creative Commons (CC) enables free distribution of music works. This act of free distribution of your work can increase your popularity specially if you are just starting in the music industry.


SOCAN is an organization of composers, songwriters, and music publishers. Their members were able to get funds from licensing fees programs.


It’s an organization from GRAMMY. It is a program designed to help musician get financial assistance in times of need. MusiCares swear by confidentiality of each good works they do for their members.

Songwriters Guild of America (SGA)

Founded by Billy Rose, George W. Meyer, and Edgar Leslie to help songwriters make their profession profitable and would be enough to support their family needs. They protect their songwriters through copy rights and collecting loyalty fees. Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) also develops starters in song writing.

Weathervane Music

Weathervane Music creates opportunities and resources for deserving musicians to help them get a career advancement. They are a non profit organization based in Philadelphia, PA.