Performers Performers

There will be surprises waiting for you this upcoming festival. But for now, let us give you some hint about the performers. Note that there will be over 65 performances you should not miss. To keep the excitement going,  meet our performers.

Valley Soul

They spent 2 years of soul searching and endless research to finally discover their niche. A sextet band that mixes different music categories to form them into one music niche pleasing to the ear. Their music is inspired by old school folk, blues, classic rock, indie rock, and modern music.

Bass Guitar: Kevin Calll Vocals,
Lead Guitar: Tommy Howbert
Piano/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Adam Ingram
Rhythm Guitar: Joe Scardina
Drums & Percussion: Richard Tripps
Vocals: Kristen Gradwoh


They promise us a good performance by performing some of their original works and covers. Wildcard would like to introduce to audience a new paradigm of music entertainment. The five members of the band are the master of their instruments so this band will surely give us fine music craftsmanship.

Lead singer & Instruments: Jon Gorman and John Tindal
Bass: Michael Chatfield
Drums: Michael Kobrinsky
Guitarist: Scott Dickson

Red Beans and Rice

The band is serious in representing where they came from. That is the very reason why the named their band from a spicy Southern staple, Red Beans and Rice. They have already self-produced albums of their own that has their original compositions and covers. They are the FINALE band this upcoming festival.

Vocalist: Jesse Bravo
Keyboardist: John Tindel
Bassist: Thomas McNamara
Drummer: Karl Stearns
Saxes: Tamas Marius